Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How's Life?

This blog was born way back on December 31st, 2009 because I read Mindy Kaling's blog called Things I Bought That I Love, decided that I could write just like she could, and wanted to write something that wasn't in the form of a high school essay.

Since its inception, TIFL has undergone numerous genetic mutations to become the amorphous freak that it is right now (this isn't a jab at genetic mutants, which I, being Asian, apparently am). In four years, this blog has gone from a tidy but goofy listing system, to random forays into playwriting, to what appears to be a photo blog of my traveling adventures.

I know few of my blog readers have followed my blog journey as closely as I have, and therefore, I must sound very conceited, and so let me concede right now that, like dreams and breakfast choices, this blog must be of little importance to the world outside the mind of the blog owner (me). Regardless, I feel like inconsistencies must be explained, even if its only for my own sake! 

The reason for all this mayhem is that my blog has evolved with me as I have gotten older (obviously), and has come to reflect my own indecision about who I want to be. Am I a macaron yuppie photoblogger? Am I a goofy daughter-of-a-first-gen-immigrant Mindy Kaling protege? Am I Lena Dunham (except not white, not a writer, and not trying to make it in New York)? 

As a result of these questions, I have tried on all these different vests (in this idiom, metaphorical hats have been replaced by metaphorical vests, because don't vests deserve more attention?!) and as it turns out, I am none of these. Or perhaps I am all of these? I'm not sure, but I have always loved dress up! 

Anyways, in the past four years, I have gained a slightly clearer vision of myself, but because I am still trying on all the vests that life has to offer me, expect this blog to mutate more in the future. To keep it all cohesive though, here's the mayonnaise that will continue to hold everything together: The world is big, and filled with fantastic stuff, and this is my ode to it all!


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  1. margaret,
    i love that your blog is random (in terms of subject matter) and always changing; i seriously can't stop reading it. also, love love LOVE your pictures from chile-keep up the fantastic work!


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